FIAE behind the scenes –
Humans, Creators & Musicians


Katharina Büeler  –  Switzerland

As a business woman for a social insurance company in Switzerland she is leading FIAE as 1st chairwoman since FIAE was founded. After almost 40 years of accordion and “Schwyzerörgeli” she devoted herself to part-time studies at the Hohner Conservatory where she discovered her fascination for expressing classical literature on the accordion. Well connected through her business network she combines her professional world with the desire to promote young artists to make high-quality accordion music better known.


Peter Klotz  –  Merano, South Tyrol

Our 2nd chairman is forest director in Merano in his daily life. He has been closely connected to the accordion since childhood through his family. By studying part-time at the Hohner Conservatory he fulfilled a long-cherished dream of life. As a co-founder of FIAE, he enjoys supporting young accordion talents in the classical, chamber music field, in order to make this type of music known to a wider social class and to organize appropriate events.


Andreas Nebl  –  Germany

He had been on stage as a musician from childhood. Since his studies he has been
invited worldwide as a chamber musician, music teacher and juror. Since then promoting young talents has become a matter close to his heart. In the FIAE team he is our musical director which he fulfills with an artistic-creative spirit and a wide range of cultural experiences.Finding talents and accompanish them on the direct path to music is in a certain extent part of his daily menu. Especially as a lecturer at the Hohner Conservatory – a conviction that he exemplifies with great passion.


Nadine Bösing  –  Germany

She is responsible for finances and all tax matters since FIAE was founded. Connected to the team members through her studies at the Hohner Conservatory, she also takes care of the upcoming issues relating to organization and management. Working as a freelance music teacher and conductor she is particularly interested in the musical education and promotion of the accordion youth.


Stefan Krimbacher  –  Austria

Born in Kitzbühel he is our secretary. As a student of Hohner Conservatory in Trossingen it is particularly important for Stefan to support accordion students in their first years of music education so that the children always want to play the accordion with enthusiasm.


Lukas Proske  –  Germany

As a student at the Hohner Conservatory he has dedicated himself to very specific things for the last 2 years: a specific instrument, a specific style of music and he is part of a specific network. Staying open minded to everything possible at all different levels makes his work as an assessor in the FIAE team indispensable – to reflect and to keep an eye on the outside world! That way we can maintain our international network with accordion affiliates.

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