Since 2018 we have been carried out a 2-day concert series in Merano, South-Tyrol, every year. Mostly in summertime we offer young accordionists and ensembles with accordion the opportunity to perform and we like to provide a platform for their own presentation within our network.


Brunnenburg at Dorf Tyrol

In 2018 our first concert tour to Merano / South Tyrol took place in order to collect further donations for FIAE and the planned projects. The founding members Katharina Büeler, Peter Klotz and Nadine Bösing insisted on entering the stage themselves at this first concert series and organized a wonderful concert evening as soloists as well as in a trio.

In 2019 we offered the ensemble of the Hohner Conservatory “44ART” a concert opportunity, which the 4 young talents mastered with flying colors. Martin Gföller and Manuela Glock, students from Andreas Nebl’s accordion class, could also be heard with solo contributions.


Palais Mamming

In 2019 we presented a varied concert evening with an ensemble from the Tyrolean Chamber Orchestra InnStrumenti and Vanja Cirkovic. It was a terrific evening and the first joint project. We look forward to more projects like this in the future!

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