Becoming a member of FIAE

Membership – Sponsoring

As a member you will receive all information about current and new projects, as well as invitations and free entry to all our concerts. With a small annual contribution, you support young talents and our projects within our network.

Membership as a talent

As a young talented member you are always up to date about our concerts and projects. As part of our events, we offer performance opportunities where you can present yourself. Within our network you can meet other talents, teachers and accordionists.

Next meeting of members: November 11th 2022, Trossingen



What are the costs of a membership?
Our annual membership fee is 20.00 Euros

How can I become a member?
Below you can print out the membership registration. Just send us your completed form by post:
Foundation of International Accordion Exchange – FIAE
Bahnhofstrasse 51
78467 Trossingen
Or you can send us your request for membership by e-mail ( and we will send you all documents for registration.

Download registration form (pdf)
Privacy Policy for registration & membership (pdf, german)
FIAE Satzung (pdf, german)

Can I request a scholarship?
Our grants are not scholarships in the traditional sense, they are project-oriented. Do you have a project that could be exciting for us? Then get in touch with the FIAE team and we will personally discuss all the details!

Who is my contact person if I have any questions?
The entire FIAE team is at your side for questions and assistance.
Just send us an email with your issue.

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